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Sandi’s sleuth is the redoubtable Jamaica Wild, a Bureau of Land Management Agent who is part Jack Reacher and part Lara Croft. In the thriller WILD MYSTIC, Jamaica is tapped to lead a top-secret effort to find the U.S. Poet Laureate, who vanishes in remote northern New Mexico days before she is to perform at the presidential inauguration. Haunted by dreams and hunted by deadly adversaries, Jamaica tracks the poet through hostile mountain villages, a troubled Trappist monastery, a circle of Puebloan peyote dreamers, and into the mysterious past.. 


WILD INDIGO introduced Resource Protection Agent Jamaica Wild and her wolf cub, Mountain. When Agent Wild witnesses a Pueblo man killed in a buffalo stampede, she suspects foul play. Her attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the man's death lead her through a maize of peyote rituals, forbidden kiva ceremonies, and even Hispanic witchcraft.


WILD INDIGO made nine bestseller lists andearned critical acclaim for author
Sandi Ault. 


When WILDFIRE erupts on a patchwork of land including the Southern Ute Reservation,  Jamaica Wild is sent to find an old Ute man named Grampa Ned, who has vanished. Jamaica risks danger to go after him, but the fire crowns and torches through the area, forcing her to run for her life. As she escapes, Jamaica discovers a firefighter smoldering and wavering on the side of the road. The man, part of a hotshot crew that is trapped in the burn area, sputters a cryptic message to Jamaica before losing consciousness.


It was a magnificent sight that Jamaica hopes to never see again: a man, tied to a cross, his loincloth catching in the wind as he plummeted down into the Rio Grande Gorge to his death. That is, if he wasn’t dead already.

Ever since she learned about Los Penitentes, a secret, ancient religious group that reenacts Jesus’ crucifixion and practices excessive penance, Jamaica’s been fascinated, putting together a book of sketchings and research. And this death in the Gorge seems to fits with everything she has learned. But a haunted old priest warns Jamaica to put down her pencil…


While tracking a wounded mountain lion onto a desolate canyon rim, Jamaica and her wolf Mountain come across an old Indian School, a place where children were "Americanized" after being taken from their homes. As a snowstorm sweeps the canyon, Jamaica is forced to take refuge in the abandoned school.

As she explores her impromptu haven, Jamaica discovers the desecrated body of an elderly Anglo woman...


In WILD JUSTICE, Resource Protection Agent Jamaica Wild takes on a wolf-killer in remote back-country in spite of the dark and deadly cold of winter’s night. Racing against time to find a litter of newborn wolf pups after their mother is murdered, Wild is forced to use every means she can devise to outwit a former special-forces-trained assassin who sets his sites on her.

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