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WILD INDIGO introduced Resource Protection Agent Jamaica Wild and her wolf cub, Mountain. When Agent Wild witnesses a Pueblo man killed in a buffalo stampede, she suspects foul play.


WILD INDIGO introduced Resource Protection Agent Jamaica Wild and her wolf cub, Mountain. When Agent Wild witnesses a Pueblo man killed in a buffalo stampede, she suspects foul play. Her attempts to solve the mystery surrounding the man's death lead her through a maize of peyote rituals, forbidden kiva ceremonies, and even Hispanic witchcraft.


WILD INDIGO made nine bestseller lists andearned critical acclaim for author Sandi Ault.


WILD INDIGO won the special Edgar Award®, the Mary Higgins Clark Award, presented by Ms. Higgins Clark herself.
WILD INDIGO has also reappeared on bestseller lists in paperback. It placed #8 on the Mountains & Plains Independent Booksellers bestseller list again in paperback.



"Sandi Ault's WILD INDIGO is a smashing debut. BLM Range Rider Jamaica Wild (and her wolf, Mountain) are formidable new players in outdoor mystery fiction, and Ault's intense knowledge of Pueblo culture is an added bonus."

     — C.J. Box, author of FREE FIRE

"Wow! This novel is why readers like to read! It has everything . . .Read this one, and eagerly anticipate the next."

—Tulsa World 


"Sandi Ault uses her knowledge of the high-dry West to give us a look at Pueblo Indian Culture."

     —  Tony Hillerman


"Rich in Indian lore and lovely description . . .this powerful start shows great maturity and portends great things from Ault."

—Richmond Times Dispatch 

Mystery Scene Magazine
The action-packed climax is as exciting as any reader could want.
-Verna Suit

True West Magazine
Witches, shamans, FBI agents, missing children, newspaper reporters, a Forest Service boyfriend and rescued wolf cubs create a flock of oddball characters who liven up this highly-entertaining tale of a self-sufficient heroine trying to understand Pueblo culture.
-Phyllis Morreale-de la Garza

New Mystery Reader
A magical tale filled with grace and vibrancy,this comes highly recommended.
-Stephanie Padilla


Reader's Club
This exciting debut, written with great respect for the Pueblo and their mystical traditions, marks the birth of a great new series. 
-reviewed by Mark



" auspicious debut . . . . the compelling mixture of Ault's real-life passions form only a starting point for the adventure that ensues; the beautifully researched page-turner turns downright spooky as the plot thickens into a posole of ancient traditions and bruja magic. This isn't Hillerman country, not one bit: Ault has a sure franchise in Wild, whose second New Mexico exploit is already on the way,

and the series is purely her own."


CA Reviews
WILD INDIGO is an astonishingly assured debut novel.  I'm looking forward to the further adventures of Jamaica and Mountain.
—Deborah Hern


WOW: Women On Writing Online Magazine 

"When you start to read WILD INDIGO, you'll quickly discover it's a book for all senses . . . . This is a must-read, must-own and must re-read book."
—Beryl Hall Bray

Armchair Interviews
If you are looking for a mystery that has car chases, lots of weaponry and hard-nosed detective work, Wild Indigo is not for you. If you want a great piece of literature that also includes a mystery, this is your next book.
—Jeff Foste


Library Journal, (Starred Review)

"Reviewers and readers will draw parallels between Ault's enlightening, well-researched debut, set in northern New Mexico, and the mysteries of Tony Hillerman, Nevada Barr, and Aimee and David Thurlo;

this is fine because she is that good. Highly recommended for all mystery collections."
While you wait for the next one to come out, this book will keep you fascinated.
—Linda Scott

“Publishers Weekly, (Starred Review)

"Ault’s strong debut . . . Tinged with mysticism, this artfully told story should appeal to fans…”

 Berkley Publishing Group

“I have been editing mysteries for close to 25 years . . . Simply put, Wild Indigo by Sandi Ault is the best debut mystery I have read in the past ten years.”
— Natalee Rosenstein, Vice President and Senior Executive Editor Editors
“Sandi Ault's impressive debut novel Wild Indigo is simply put, a page-turner of the highest order. Ault's extensive knowledge of Southwest Native American culture aside, the real power behind this novel - the thing that makes Wild Indigo such a unique and compelling read - is the complex relationship between Wild and Mountain… and the intense bond that they share - the pack of two that they create - is as beautiful as it is bittersweet. Additionally, Ault deals with a myriad of sensitive themes . . . . with compassion and class. Carlos Castaneda meets Tony Hillerman.”
—Paul Goat Allen

“Sandi Ault’s new mystery series . . . gives the reader a chance to see the Native American world . . .through the eyes of a terrific, fun character…I loved it!”


“Ault blends the traditions and ceremonies from several Pueblo cultures, immersing the reader in Pueblo life and the beauty of northern New Mexico. An enjoyable series debut…

Kirkus Reviews

“Ault's portrait of Pueblo life and the conflict of cultures she dramatizes are integral to her rousing debut.”


The Washington Post

"Wild Indigo crackles with life and novelty."

Alfred Hitchcok's Mystery Magazine

"Ault's fluid writing allows her to weave Native American lore, traditions, and mysticism into her narrative naturally and effectively.  Jamaica Wild is a name that seems to conjure a free spirit, and in her debut she certainly lives up to that suggestion."
—Robert C. Hahn


"Sandi Ault's WILD INDIGO is a fascinating, deeply mysterious read.  I loved it."

     —  Jayne Ann Krentz

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